Terms & Conditions


Assessments of children under 18 are only carried out with the consent of parents or those with parental responsibility. Assessments normally take 3 hours, with breaks as needed. Assessments take place at the child’s/client’s home or school, provided this has been previously agreed with members of school staff.

Written reports will be sent out 3 weeks after the assessment or on payment of fees, whichever is later. Reports will not be sent to any other party without the permission of the consenting parent/client. Please let us know if you would like an electronic (PDF) copy of a report. If a report is required at a date prior to 3 weeks after the assessment, this must be agreed at the time of booking the assessment.


The consenting parent/client is responsible for full payment of fees which are to be paid prior to the assessment being carried out unless otherwise agreed. The assessment fee and full payment details are provided on the written appointment letter emailed to clients. Please be aware that no reports will be sent out prior to full payment of fees.

Confidentiality, Storage of Records and Personal Information

The information held on clients will be held in confidence and in accordance with Honeybee Psychology Data Protection Policy, which is available on request, unless disclosure is required by a Court of Law or other statutory duty such as child protection obligations. Information will not be shared with schools or other professionals without the consent of the parent/client. Cases may be discussed on an anonymized basis as part of professional supervision sessions, as required by the professional regulatory body (HCPC).

Reports will be kept on file for a minimum period of seven years, after which they may be destroyed. Clients should ensure that they store their report in a secure place in case it is needed at a future date.

Clients are entitled to see all information held on them and their child. If copies of this information is required a small charge may need to be raised to cover the cost of photocopying.