Kathleen works with maintained and independent schools across Essex and Suffolk. Through a friendly, collaborative and solution-focused approach, she helps children, parents and schools to identify and overcome barriers to progress and to build on children’s strengths.

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Support available to schools includes:

  • Individual assessment for children and young people experiencing learning, social and emotional difficulties. Following assessment Kathleen produces a detailed written report which clearly identifies the child or young person’s strengths and needs and documents agreed outcomes alongside clear and specific evidence-based recommended support and provision.
  • Working with schools to support children with complex needs such as children with autism and other developmental difficulties and those with mental health needs.
  • Facilitating school-family consultations, working together to understand children’s needs and developing agreed outcomes and support strategies.
  • Psychological supervision for senior leaders, teachers and support workers, especially those working with children with complex learning, social and emotional needs.
  • Running half day teacher ‘drop-in’ consultations in school, to problem-solve and plan for children causing concern.
  • Working strategically with SENCOs to map provision and develop comprehensive and evidence-based support for children with additional needs in their school.

Kathleen is happy to discuss concerns informally before receiving a referral from schools

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