Children and Young People

Here the answers to some questions you might have if Kathy is coming to visit you soon.

Who is coming to visit me?

Soon Kathy Gayton, who is an educational psychologist, will visit you in school. Educational psychologists work with children who are finding some things difficult in school.

Here are some of the things that children can find hard in school:

  • Finding school work or playtimes hard
  • Not getting on with friends or teachers
  • Feeling upset or angry about school
  • Getting into trouble at school

Like lots of other children, you might have some of these difficulties, or the problem might be something else.

It is Kathy’s job to work with you and the important adults in your life to think about how we can make things better for you in school.

What will Kathy do?

Kathy will visit you at home or school. Here are some of the things you might do together:

  • Play some games and do some puzzles to help Kathy to understand how you learn best.
  • Do some reading, writing, spelling or maths so we know how you are getting along with these things.
  • Talk about home and school, draw some pictures about school and think about the things you do well.

Kathy might also come into your classroom while you are learning with your teacher.

Kathy will have a chat with your parents and teachers so we can work together to make things better for you.

Will Kathy tell people what I have said?

Almost all of what you say to an educational psychologist is private. But it can be really helpful to tell your teachers and parents some of the things you tell me. If you tell me that you or someone else is being hurt, we must let others know so that they can help.

Kathy writes a report for your parents and teachers which tells them all about your strengths and with lots of ideas about what they can do next to help you.

If you have any questions about Kathy’s visit, don’t forget to ask you parents or teacher. See you soon!

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